Keeping Your Home Safe

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Keeping Your Home Safe

There’s no place like home, and it’s built of much more than bricks and mortar, which is why it’s so important to make sure it’s safe. We offer a number of services that increase the security of your home, from locks and gates to access control and safes, and it’s important to ensure that these solutions receive a certain amount of maintenance to ensure they are working to their potential. In addition to this, it’s important to make sure the security of your home is well rounded – for example, having the most complex locking system in the world on your front door means very little if your windows can be easily broken into.

At Securing By Design we can provide and maintain a number of products and services to prevent criminals gaining access to your house, and we’re always happy to advise you on the best solutions for your home. Deadbolts and pins/bars on windows are often the best place to start, as they increase the amount of time needed to get into a property (the average burglar wants to spend no more than 60 seconds gaining entry). There are also a number of additional measures that can be taken to enhance your home security.


Burglar Alarms are an obvious solution. As most thieves are opportunists the site of one of these brightly coloured boxes on the outside of your house will likely put them off.

Motion-sensitive security lights are most effective at night, literally highlighting anyone moving around your property. These can also be installed within the house on a timer, which is particularly useful if you’re going away, as they will alert neighbours to any movement within the house.

Gravel Driveways are frequently used as both an aesthetic choice and a security measure due to the noise they make when anything moves over them – particularly cars.

Keep Your Garden Neat – again great aesthetically, and good for security as it limits the areas where potential thieves can hide.

Lock tool sheds and garages securely. Some thieves will use your ladders and tools to break into your house – don’t help them!

Windows are a particularly vulnerable entry point, so it’s important to always check that they are properly locked. Double glazing is highly advisable, and laminated glass adds extra security. Any windows that on the ground floor or aren’t visible from the street are key targets, and should be paid particular attention to.


The Master Bedroom is often a thief’s main target as this is usually the key place people keep their valuables – in particular dresser drawers and wardrobes/closets. If that’s where you keep your valuables either invest in an appropriate safe or think about moving them.

A Home Security System when properly fitted is a great asset, and research has shown that homes with security systems are around 3 times less likely to get broken into. These can be programmed to target certain areas of the house, so you can set it to cover downstairs while you sleep, or the whole house if you go out.

Get a dog. Obviously this is optional and only suits certain people, but a loud dog can be a great deterrent, and they are an effective way of drawing attention to anyone trying to enter the property which can often be enough to put someone off.

We hope you find this information useful, and that it helps to keep your home protected. For any other advice on the security of your home or business feel free to contact us on 01483766569, or visit our Contact Us page.