Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are locks that require a pocket (or mortice) to be cut into the door where the lock is to be fitted, meaning the lock mechanism is concealed. This also reinforces the lock, and as they can be controlled on either side by a key they are generally considered to be stronger and more versatile than the bored cylindrical lock.

Mortice locks come in a range of security levels, from 1 lever bathroom locks up to the 5 lever British Standard dead lock often used on main entrances and secured areas. The new BS3621 now calls for a bolt throw of 20mm rather than the 14mm if the old British Standard, and all locks have anti-pick devices built in to reduce the chance of lock picking. These newer models are often the lock specified by most home insurers.

Our locksmith’s service means you can have one of our experienced locksmiths come to fit your locks in exactly the right position within your door, as this type of lock can be trickier to fit. We do however also sell a huge range of mortice locks individually, specially designed to cater to all types of door and security requirements for those who wish to fit them themselves. For more information, book a locksmith or to buy a lock Contact us today.