Popular amongst both commercial and residential properties, security grilles are ideal to place on your windows and doors. By installing custom made security grilles not only does it re-enforce the strength of your windows and doors, but it also acts as a deterrent to thieves, vandals and opportunists.

For retailers, a method of security such as grilles or security shutters is required as part of insurance policies. However for commercial and residential properties grilles can lower your insurance premium as they are recognised to give extra protection.

Our range includes:

  • Fixed bar grilles
  • Mesh grilles
  • Coloured grilles – available in any colour

If you require security grilles design and installations then please call us on 01483766569 or by visiting our contact us page.

Security Grilles Installation

Every property’s security have different requirement according to many factors including, location, insurance requirements and more. Depending on the purpose whether it is residential, commercial or retail will need to be factored in when designing and installing your security grilles. Our security specialists are able to provide a free? survey to ensure you get the most out of your security system.

Installing these window security bars prevent forced entry through your windows. If you are a retailer or commercial company coloured grilles are available to tie in with your branding.


If your window security grilles are damaged due to attempted force entry, age or Mother Nature, our security engineers are here to help. Our team can maintain and repair security grilles that have become damaged due to numerous causes.

Whether you would like a one-off fix or a regular maintenance check package Securing By Design can help to ensure your requirements are met. For more information about how we can tailor your security grille repairs and maintenance packages call us today.