Assessing the Security of Your Business

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Assessing the Security of Your Business

When it comes to your business we know that security is a huge concern, and everyone wants to make sure their property is protected. There are luckily, several measures that can be put in place to make your site more secure, but it can be difficult to know what you really need.

Like residential properties, the first step is to assess all of the possible entry and exit points, and make sure they are properly secured, whether that’s with security gates, access control or grilles and shutters. Every entry point to the building must be considered, and fitted appropriately, and it’s best to acquire the help of a trained professional for this. Grilles and shutters are most commonly found in retailer’s properties, as they provide a high level of security while allowing stock to remain on display for potential customers to view, while security gates provide a good initial deterrent to intruders on main buildings and rural properties.

Keys and access control are a good way to maintain security within a building, allowing areas to be separated. This means access to certain areas can be restricted, so only people with a need to be there can be. Access control has an advantage over keys here, as it reduces the need for multiple keys, and therefore the risk of keys being lost. It also makes it easier to revoke access, for example if an employee leaves the company or changes departments. Keeping track of these processes, and of who has access to where is highly important, and it’s advisable to keep the amount of people with access to each area to a minimum, particularly when it comes to areas of high value, such as stock rooms, management offices and any room where cash is stored, even if this is (as it should be) stored in a secure safe that has been properly fitted by an expert.

Access control solutions can also be tailored to individual employees, allowing businesses to see where people were and who entered certain spaces at certain times. This can be done through the use of individual codes, card readers or biometric fingerprint readers.  With access controlled areas door closers are also important, ensuring that the entrances cannot be accidentally left open.

When it comes to a thorough assessment of your property, it’s advisable to obtain the help of an expert. Here at Securing By Designs we have over 40 years’ experience in security installation and protecting people’s property, and we’re experts in providing both residential and commercial properties with the security measures they need. If you would like one of our trained experts to come and assess your property or if you require any assistance with the installation or maintenance of your security systems don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We’re always happy to help.